Digital Signage is an electronic billboard system used to present dynamic information electronically. It’s a medium to reach customers, employees, partners, passengers, students and citizens and advertise, display information or messages through non-conventional communication mode.

We provide digital signage solutions across a diverse set of vertical markets including retail, fast food, hospitality, corporate, Government, financial, education, and health care.

Shortcomings of Traditional and Existing Signage Solutions

  1. Logistical nightmare to plug-in USB in each screen
  2. Absence of proof of play and reporting
  3. Dynamic centralized scheduling of content is not possible
  4. Difficult and expensive to create a standalone networked platform
  5. Ad planning, management and monetization is not possible on real time basis
  6. Cost of Operation

Because of these handicaps, stand-alone signage screens are merely digital boards rather than dynamic, intelligent medium of information dissemination.

Digital Signage used effectively in

  • Display in Malls
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • News Rooms
  • Sports Stadium
  • Restaurants
  • Airports
  • Corporate Events
  • Product Launches and many more…

Features & Benefits

  • Supports all video and multimedia formats like video, static graphics, flash animation.
  • Multi-play-mode. Order play, Loop play, Random play. Realizing gapless playback.
  • Remote management on one or multi machines. Remote RSS subscription.
  • Remote control orders upon releasing, time-setting, deleting and other machine network management.
  • Program operated, can be controlled from a central controlling system
  • Can be operated using cloud technology from a remote location.
  • Dynamic scroll text, interactive content, etc.
  • Inventory listing facility for effective campaign roll out
  • Improved sales reach by inter-network group Ads
  • Content management & scheduling
  • Live/Localized real time content insertion
  • “Intelligent” Digital Signage capable of dynamic, real time scheduling, target advertising leading to high client engagement

Value proposition

Sales: Helps in promoting a brand or advertising a sale. Your “Custodian” at a hotel, bar or club can promote facilities, services offered, can list daily events, restaurant menus, conference schedules, etc.

Efficiency: Minimal manpower requirement for operating and managing the entire network of screens.

Manageability: Freedom from the hassles of operating the central platform.